College of Engineering Pune

College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) is an autonomous engineering college affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Established in 1854, it is one of the oldest engineering colleges in Asia, after IIT Roorkee (1847). The students and alumni of College of Engineering, Pune are colloquially referred to as CoEPians.
COE, Pune has 2,800 undergraduate students and encourages and facilitates the mobility of engineering graduates and professionals at international level.

The college has made three entries so far in the Guinness World Record books. It holds the record for “Most people skipping on the same rope”, which still stands as the world record and “The longest painting by numbers”. CoEP has a strong culture of clubs which span across a swathe of interests.

College of Engineering

Thomas Kailath – Engineer

M. Visvesvaraya – Engineer

Vijay Kelkar – Economist

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Aero Zealous

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