Flame University

FLAME University is a private, coeducational and fully residential university, anchored in liberal education located on the outskirts of Pune city in the state of Maharashtra. Established in 2015, Flame provides to all its students adequate and equal opportunity to blend sports and fitness into their daily lives. It is mandatory for all students and the University organizes a number of competitive sports at various levels in as many as 14 disciplines of indoor and outdoor sport.

FLAME also encourages student participation in campus governance by providing for a democratically elected Student Council which contributes in the academic and disciplinary proceedings at FLAME. This encourages student interaction and helps in developing the overall personality and leadership qualities of the students.

FLAME University also hosts its inter-collegiate sports competition, Kurukshetra every year. More than 75 colleges participate in competitive sports like football, basketball, volleyball, throw ball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, snooker and cricket that not only hone their intelligence but also inculcate self-confidence, determination and integrity.


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