Hindu College- Delhi

Hindu College is renowned as one of the most distinguished premier academic institutions in the country. Notwithstanding its name, students from all religions are admitted and many have grown up here and excelled in the chosen areas of their interests. The college provides a liberal and energetic environment enabling students to carve out a niche for themselves in their chosen arenas. Founded in 1899, by Late Shri Krishan Dassji Gurwale, Hindu College was a center for intellectual and political debate during India’s freedom struggle. Boasting of a faculty of more than 100 members, this college has seen a tremendous growth over the years and is one of the most recognized graduate and postgraduate co-educational institutions in the country offering an array of courses in the field of Science, Humanities and the Social Science Streams.

Apart from academic excellence, the college firmly believes in overall development of moral, physical and intellectual realms and thus has set up a number of college societies to foster comradeship amongst the students. The Annual Cultural Fest of Hindu, Mecca is a choir of various musical events, ranging from sufi to pop and rock-n-roll, literary events, fashion shows, etc. Mecca has seen a grand success in the past years due to the participation of mind boggling number of students.

Arjun Rampal

Arnab Goswami

Vishal Bhardwaj

Cultural Festivals

Clubs And Societies

Masque- the English Dramatic Society

Ibtida – the Hindi Dramatic Society

Abhirang – the Hindi Dramatic Society of the Hindi Department

English Debating Society

Alankar – The Indian Music Society

Aria- The Western Music Society

Manthan- The Quiz Society

Samhita – Society for language and literature

Abstractions – The Fine Arts Society

Caucus – The discussion forum

Choreography Society

Nakshatra - Fashion Society

Disha-The placement cell

Women’s development cell

Symposium - Parliamentary society