Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Bangalore

The Indian Institute of Science was founded in 1909 as a result of the joint efforts of Jamsetji Nussarwanji Tata, the Government of India and the Maharaja of Mysore. IISc is now one of the finest public universities for scientific research and higher education in the country. Offering a high quality of academic and extra-curricular activities, it is no surprise that it ranked 147 globally in the QS World Rankings of Top 200 Universities in 2015 and was one of the two Indian universities to have appeared in the list.

The students of the college showed extreme enthusiasm in the cultural aspect of college life after hosting Pravega in 2013 and establishing it as an annual technical and cultural festival. With participation from students across the city, the college ensures the highest quality of talent not just in class, but also on its stage.

IISC Bangalore

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi – Physicist

V. K. Aatre – Scientist

R. Chidambaram – Researcher



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