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Indian Institute of Technology Madras is a public engineering and research institute located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is one of India’s most prestigious universities. It is recognized as an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India. Founded in 1959, with technical and financial assistance from the former government of West Germany, it was the third Indian Institute of Technology that was established by the Government of India through an Act of Parliament, to provide education and research facilities in engineering and technology.

IIT Madras is a residential institute that occupies a 2.5 km² campus that was formerly part of the adjoining Guindy National Park. The institute has nearly 550 faculty, 8,000 students and 1,250 administrative and supporting staff. The Times Higher Education World Rankings ranked IIT Madras 78 and 44 in Asia and BRICS countries respectively in 2015.

Saarang, once called “Mardi Gras” is the annual social and cultural festival of IIT Madras. The name was changed in the early 1990s in effort to reflect the cultural and environmental roots of this festival. It is a five-day-long event held towards the end of January every year and attracts a crowd of 50,000 students and young people from across the country, making it one of the largest such fests in India. Saarang events include speaking, dancing, thespian, quizzing and word games, professional shows (nicknamed proshows) and workshops on music, fashion, art, and dance.


IIT Chennai

Kris Gopalakrishnan – Executive vice chairman of Infosys

Anand Rajaraman – Entrepreneur

Anant Agarwal – Professor


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