Ness Wadia College of Commerce- Pune

The background of the Ness Wadia College of Commerce can be traced back to June 1959 when the first Pre-degree Commerce class was started under the auspices of the Modern Education Society. The peer team of the National Council for Assessment and Accreditation (NAAC), Bangalore visited the college in February 2004 and accredited it with an A grade. This makes the college one of the two exclusive commerce colleges in Pune with an A grade. India Today has already ranked it as one of the top five colleges in the city. Ness Wadia has over 3000 students with amazing talents.
The Annual Social is the 3-day most important variety entertainment programme of the year when students get an opportunity to show all their stage talent before other students. It is now an Intercollegiate Festival –INFINITY’ It is to be noted that while other colleges in the city have cancelled this event fearing problem of indiscipline, the Ness Wadia College has continued the annual celebration without interruption since its inception in 1969. The college has constructed a permanent open air theatre at the back of the college for the purpose.

Cultural Festivals