Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru was established in 2008 as a constituent of Symbiosis International University. Offering Post Graduate Diploma and Management programs, SIBM focuses on encouraging students to be passionate, thoughtful and responsible managers and leaders.

Decision making and analytical skills are developed in the students through the use of case method of teaching and simulations. The institution also notes the importance of culturally rich and diverse students, thus giving them ample opportunities to showcase their talent in various fields and nurture their creative and sporty abilities outside the classroom.

Hippocampus, the graphics club of SIBM works tirelessly behind the scenes, all year long and uses its expertise to make all the creative posters, designs and document through pictures each of the events that take place. The music club, dance club, investment club as well as the sports council, all encourage students to participate in this wide array of activities and develop their skills on stage and in the field.

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Student Clubs

Hippocampus – The Creatives Club of SIBM Bengaluru


When the stage is set, all one sees is the grandeur and opulence on display. Very often, one doesn’t notice or fully understand the effort that goes behind setting the stage. When one looks back and remembers an event, alongside the memories, one remembers the steady splash of colours that was around. Visual imagery is a strong sense of nostalgia and Hippocampus promotes that experience.

Hippocampus, the creatives club of SIBM Bengaluru works tirelessly, behind the scenes, all year long and uses its  expertise to make banners, posters, ID cards, merchandise, digital marketing templates, certificates, display models,  stage- decor and on-day photography and video shooting. The members of Hippocampus Club are inducted and trained in various photo and video editing software, origami, painting, drawing, photography and video making.

The creative minds of Hippocampus Club work relentlessly with the institute’s administration, various clubs and committees to make every event of SIBM Bengaluru a grand success.
The members of Hippocampus thus become default volunteers for events as grand as TEDxSIBMBengaluru.

For the upcoming year, Hippocampus is planning to widen its horizons with respect to the responsibilities under taken and also to work towards branding SIBM Bengaluru in a bigger and better manner.

Opsession – The Operations Club of SIBM B

Opsession will focus on making students aware about the practices followed in Operations management and other functions related to it from an Indian industry perspective

In many ways, the Operations function is also similar. While you might not hear of us or see us very often, we are omnipresent and almost indispensable. We observe, we document, we validate, we streamline, we standardise and we add value. And, no, we don’t stop there.

Kaizen. Continuous improvement. World – class standards don’t deter us, we better our past bests. We find it hugely stimulating to work in trenches, to enable and to add value, making sure that each area of the organisation functions the way it should. Operations by itself, in several ways, is the purest form of management. And at Opsession, we share a deep seated love for the subject and the function.

We aim to share, to learn, to rediscover and to employ Kaizen in its truest form.

PRISyM The Marketing Club

It focuses on empowering SIBM-B students to be the most innovative and effective marketers in the industry. Our aim is to serve as an aid to those interested in careers in marketing and to provide them with the tools to be premiere candidates beyond the classroom.

We achieve our mission by providing access to resources, guidelines and a way to expand learning beyond the classroom; fostering connections among students through mentorship and networking opportunities.

SIBM-B students have been a part of the success stories in areas including brand management, tech marketing, retail management, product design, digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, service marketing, and B2B marketing for companies spanning from start-ups to multinationals.

FINERGY – The Finance Club

Objective: To understand the basics of securities market, with focus on the Indian securities market.

The basic goal of the club is to understand the basics of investing including value investing and get familiar with the various economic factors that affect the overall market scenario. As a club, we try to analyse the trends in the stock price movements, the reasons for such trends and expectation of the future prices. Also we try to focus on various parameters like P/E Ratios, EPS, and management of the company to determine the future growth prospects of its earnings. As the first rule of investing says, we need to be always updated with the latest news regarding various companies, so as to implement this in every meeting we have a news update session. We have been successful in creating an investment strategy of our club. As we are in the growing stage, we have been trying to tie with investment clubs in other countries so as to get some exposure to the activities they do in their club.

The tasks that we planning to accomplish in the near future are:

Create a portfolio of securities as a club

Conduct an online investment quiz across B Schools

Organising a meet with one of the successful investors to share their experience

Tie up with other investment clubs to understand their way of investing

Ensemble The HR club

Ensemble was founded in 2012 with the view to bring together students interested in the field of Human Resources Management, help them develop interpersonal skills needed in the corporate and encourage them to meet professionals who work in the field of Human Resources Management. This society is designed to help students learn more about Human Resource and what Human Resource Professionals do. Ensemble conducts regular meetings with student aspiring to be HR professionals and encourages discussion and debate on current events and trends in the world of human capital management. Ensemble meetings are about the changing roles of HR, new developments in the field, career paths, internship experiences and guidance for laying the foundation of a promising career in human resource management. The club also assists students in gaining membership to national HR societies such as NHRD Network, ISTD and SHRM.

To foster more interaction among students, faculty and the industry while creating awareness and passion for the field of human resources

Promote industry best practices, enhance student knowledge of the human resource profession, connect with domain experts and inspire the need for change

Ensemble also collaborates with the human resources batch of SIBM Bengaluru to conduct Satkala, the annual corporate art exhibition, to offer corporate artists all over the city a chance to showcase their work. Entries are invited for photography, painting, sketching, sculpture, origami, glasswork, sand art and folk art. Serving as a corporate engagement event, the exhibition provides students the unique opportunity of interacting with talented professionals from all walks of corporate life.

Apart from these activities, Ensemble is also looking at conducting special leadership sessions by eminent personalities in the field of HR, and training members to participate in management competitions in and around the city of Bengaluru to increase students’ exposure and promote opportunities to grow their professional networks.

SIBM Bengaluru Toastmasters club

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization founded by Dr. Ralph C Smedley in 1924 at California, United States. The intention was to enable people to address an audience un-aided. The story goes that once Dr. Smedley was at a wedding where he witnessed an individual fail miserably at raising a toast to the recently wedded couple. He decided to begin this movement to inculcate the skills of public addressing and leadership in its members. The movement operates in a structure which involves clubs located in various locations throughout the world. Individual clubs form areas, divisions and districts for an efficient organizational processing. There are positions given to experienced and dedicated individuals who govern the workings of the movement. This governance is done on all the levels.

The SIBM Bengaluru Toastmasters club was installed for the first time on November 2011. The journey started with a roster of only 22 members. The dream was to improve the leadership and the public speaking skills of the members. Also provide for a platform for corporate interaction and a formal out of campus experience of professionalism along with a platform for networking and creating contacts. In its journey of 3 years the SIBM Toastmasters Club has come a long way with numerous past members working in various multinationals practicing the learnings of their Toastmasters experience. The club has produced multiple district level competition winners and has become a recognized, respected and significant club in the district covering Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. We have successfully mentored, both formally as well as informally, multiple corporate clubs and our experienced members have been mentors to many Toastmasters from other corporate clubs like Wipro, CGI, Yokogawa and Infosys.

The short term of students within the institute has posed many challenges, time and again, for the club to exist but we have persevered and been consistent in providing the students an exposure unparalleled in its professional approach. Today we stand as a beacon of stability as a club that has suffered and survived time and again; A club full of young minds and enthusiasm; A club full of creativity and commitment.

Music Club

The music club at SIBM-Bengaluru aims to provide a platform for students to showcase their musical talent on a continual basis.

We believe that it is essential to nurture the innate musical talent in everyone. This not only acts as a diversion from the busy professional schedules, but also inspires one to perform well in all aspects of life by serving as a morale booster.

The music club at SIBM-B has held jam sessions in the form of live karaoke wherein talented instrumentalists within college, come together and accompany singers. It also creates a light and elevating environment on campus that the audience can enjoy.

In the future, we aim at holding many such events. We also hope to provide a space for musicians aspiring to participate in inter-college competitions, to practice and perfect their skill.

Though in its initial year of inception, we hope that the music club at SIBM-B will hit high notes very soon!

“Jhankaar”- Bring out the dancer in you!

“Jhankaar”- The Dance Club has been started by the students of SIBM-Bengaluru under the supervision of the faculty mentor Mrs. Aarti Mehta Sharma. The founders of this initiative are two students of the MBA batch 2013-15, Himanshi Aggarwal and Drishti Tantia .As it is said, dance is a gift and mastering it will come through practice and opportunities grabbed to polish it, this dance club aims to advance the dance skills of the students .Club as a whole is paved towards providing opportunities’ to represent SIBM-Bengaluru in cultural events in and around Bangalore. The fundamental of this vision is to bring out the cultural unity among people participating on a common platform and spreading the same in the surroundings.

“Jhankaar” as a club has increased exponentially in terms of participants to a total of 35 young vibrant and talented groups of students who will take this initiative to greater heights and make dance the next viral mantra.” Last year, the students performed in various events like Jzaa, Independence Day, Samagam etc. and also participated in dance competitions like MTV Colours of Youth and IIM Bangalore. This year, we plan to take it to new heights by organising workshops on various dance forms and increasing student’s participation in various cultural events.

Jzaa – The Dramatics Club

The Dramatics Club at SIBMB is a platform where enthusiastic individuals meet and synergize their energies to bring out and live every emotion that life has to offer. We believe that expression of thoughts is required and we intend to provide the opportunity for the same. Not only does it helps to remove hesitation but makes you aware and socially responsible towards the society.

Our students have shown their talent at various platforms in form of Short Movies, Drama, Nukkad(Street Plays), MIME, Poetry, Festival Celebrations and participation across committee fests and competitions outside college.

The Objectives of this Club are:

Establish drama as a social force

To acts as a recreational avenue for students, provide opportunities to participate in street plays, theater activities, and skits

Develop understanding in psychological, moral, physical and socio-economic analysis of character.

Our goal is to make live theater accessible to all students, to enable young minds to gain an appreciation for the arts

To increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity for students to participate in social awareness programs

Past Events:

@SIBMB – Short Movies, MTV Colors of Youth, Stage Plays and MIME at College, Teachers’ Day, RakshaBandhan and Republic Day.

@Forum Mall – Annual Performance (Street Play) on 26th November, every year

Sports Council

Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they’ve taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences – Kobe Bryant

As much as the need for academics is stressed in SIBM, students are also made to realise that the importance for sports is essential for holistic self-development. The Sports Council is responsible for organising sports events of the college and taking care of any equipment requirements whenever needed.

The Council kicks-off every academic year with the Hermes Cup, the intra-section event for the first-year students. Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Chess make up the Hermes Cup. This is followed by the competition between the two batches in campus. The flagship event of the Council is the Symbiosis Premier League, an auction-based Football and Cricket League. Plans are on to included more sports under the SPL this year, including Badminton and Table Tennis.The Council also conducts the sports event of Utopia, the international fest of the college, and also facilitates player participation in tournaments conducted by other colleges.

We also represent SIBM-B at Symbiosis International University for various Inter Symbiosis Tournaments like Badminton and Table Tennis.


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