Stanley Medical College Chennai

Founded in 1938, Stanley Medical College is a government-medical college in Chennai. The hospitals and college are part of the oldest centers in the field of medical education in India. While the college is well-known for its academics and ranks as one of the top ten medical institutions in the country, it is also extremely popular for the cultural festival organized by the students of the college.

Inviting participants from across the country for this four-day cultural extravaganza, Euphoria hosted by Stanley Medical College is one of the most popular and exciting festivals to look forward to. With events ranging from music, dance, and theatre to literary and fine arts, the festival has been providing, for over 75 years, a platform for entertainment, fun and most importantly- the fresh, young talent.

Stanley Medical College

Prathap C. Reddy – Entrepreneur

Mohammed Rela – Entrepreneur

Govindappa Venkataswamy – Ophthalmologist 

Cultural Festivals