SIBM Pune is a student-driven institute, with MBA candidates encouraged to participate in the decision-making process that shapes their future as well as that of the institute. The Students’ Council at SIBM Pune is the student body responsible and accountable for all activities conducted on campus throughout the year. The teams consist of students from the first and second year led by coordinators. These coordinators, along with the President of the Students’ Council, form an executive body to oversee all activities.

The teams work in the interest of SIBM Pune, the student community, industry and alumni in keeping the vision of the institute and striving towards excellence. The executive council has been provided the independence to plan and set goals for their respective teams, and to efficiently use budgeted resources to accomplish them. The Director and Faculty Chairperson offer their guidance and support.

Aside from the Students’ Council, under whose purview most activities are conducted on campus, a few more initiatives are undertaken by students for students, from time to time.

SIBM Pune Toastmasters Club

SIBM Pune offers students every opportunity to hone their leadership skills and boost their confidence. The SIBM Pune Toastmasters Club is one such initiative. The interest shown by students in a space wherein their public speaking skills could be fine-tuned fuelled the inception of this institute’s chapter of Toastmasters International, in July 2012.

As with so many initiatives at SIBM Pune, the foundation of the Toastmasters Club too was entirely student-driven. A felt need raised a demand which drove the process, which again was led by the young management students. After some time invested in this process, the SIBM Pune Toastmasters Club was finally inaugurated on July 6th, 2012. A corporate club, the SIBM Pune chapter of Toastmasters International aims to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment for all prospective toastmasters and public speakers. The Club organises weekly meetings, each of which is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.



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