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Lady Gaga and Lata Mangeshkar weren’t born superstars. Rumi and Rowling both went to college before their legendary contributions and of course, great gigs exist outside of NH7 Weekender and the Jaipur Lit Fest.

Be it the indelible memories of college festivals or the magic created by talented students who are future stars,ATKT.in is striving towards creating a multi-platform destination where all the excitement of college life lives – and grows.

Catch us across our different platforms to find videos and other coverage from India’s best college festivals, providing upcoming artists much larger audiences and an avenue for their performances to live beyond just the few days of a college fest.

ATKT.in is here to push these insane festivals – and all the talent that makes these festivals so insane – from an audience of thousands to that of millions.

We’re going to be out ATKTin’ at the next fest. What about you?

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