Cutting Chai

This fest borrows its name from the colloquial term for Bombay’s most demanding drink: Cutting Chai. A fest popular amongst the BMM students of this metropolitan city, Cutting Chai promises to deliver the best to its participants.

The three day epitome of creativity, excitement and madness usually takes place annually in the month of December. With judges like Shankar Mahadevan, Salim Merchant, Zoya Akhtar, Rohit Verma, Chitrangada Singh, Cyrus Broacha and Amrita Puri among others, “Cutting Chai” is easily one of the Best BMM festivals of the city.

The festival that manages to pull a crowd of over 4000 students from over 22 colleges ensures each of the attendees are kept gripped to their seats with dazzling performances during the days. Cutting Chai has also managed to raise the bar for a number of festivals by hosting 25 events on days that gave a platform to performing, literary and fine arts talent to showcase their skill.