IIIT Hyderabad– Felicity

Felicity is the annual cultural and technical festival of International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H). It is held in February for three days. Started in the year 2001, this festival has grown year by year. Participants from around the world participate in this acclaimed festival through the online events. Felicity is one of the few festivals to organize events online, and still inviting participation from over 3000 students.

Audiences at the festival have been able witness performances by major artists and attend talks by eminent personalities. The events can be classified into Threads (Technical), Cultural Colosseum, Literary Cafe, Kalakshetra and Zombie Zone. The Inaugural nights and The Rock Nights are the real show stealers!


Crime Scene Investigation

Calling all detectives and private investigators! Make your way through baffling clues, red herrings and mysterious suspects as you race against time to solve the greatest challenge on the campus with your deduction and logic skills.

Spoken Word Poetry

Enthrall the audiences as you make a beautiful symphony with your words. Challenge your imagination and creativity as you present your poems to the world, with panache

Cache In

puzzles and riddles

Gordian Knot

This Project Euler-styled contest challenges you to untangle intricate enigmas of mathematics.

Kernel Cruise

Kernel Cruise, a platform where you’ll be pitched against various computational problems, varying from combinatorial to numerical in nature, on a General Purpose GPU computing environment.

Code Helix

Code-Helix is the latest entry in the Felicity Threads. The contest has a mix of programming and subjective questions from the fields of Science, encompassing Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bioinformatics, Genetics and some questions requiring critical thinking.

Break In CTF

The official Capture The Flag event for Felicity Threads. Break In is a jeopardy-style CTF event, where you use whatever means at your disposal to win. If you enjoy finding ways in which a system can be broken, this event is for you.

Kings of ML

Do not make the mistake of considering this as just another coding contest. Each question here is an exotic research problem in itself. So gear up all your statistics, machine learning, data mining and most importantly your intuition.


The flagship event of Threads ʼ16 and the Grand Prix of Algorithms - CodeCraft is here to challenge your intellect while presenting a chance to compete against some of the best programmers in the world.


Botomata belongs to a new genre of AI and combinatorial search contests, and will contain challenges from puzzles like Sudoku, Kakuro, Rubik's Cube, and games like Reversi, for you to play with and devise effective search strategies and heuristics for constraint satisfaction and game playing.

Debug The C Bug

Find the bugs in the code (solution) for a problem and fix them, sounds simple right?

Electronics Showdown

The one of its kind electronics quiz.

Kode Da Circuit

An online Verilog Coding Competition, where participants have to come up with hardware solution for given problems which will be simulated using Icarus Verilog.


Contest on Facebook Page


Welcome to the Ultimate Clash of Literary enthusiasts as they go up against each other through rounds that test the voracious readers, geeks and even the grammar Nazis!

Shakespeare’s Shaky Pears!

The online programming event 

FIFA 2015

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare I

Counter Strike Global Offensive /1.6

Terribly Tiny Tales Workshop

LitCafe @ Felicity - IIIT Hyderabad presents a short story writing workshop by the masters in the field: Terribly Tiny Tales. Get insights into the world of Microfiction from Chintan Ruparel, the man who established India's most loved social storytelling platform and get a chance to have your very own story feature there!