March brings with it a three day cultural festival organized by the Department of Political Science at Jamia Millia Islamia- Fikr-O-Fun.  It offers a wide range of competitions with alluring prizes associated with each event.

With something for everyone, the festival hosts a number of events to cater to everybody. The festical includes events in Photography, Dance, Music, Drama, quizzes and Treasure Hunt. They also have documentary screening and a Just-A-Minute (JAM) competition. The festival also features a very interesting Sudoku competition.

Fikr-O-Fun makes for a platform for all students to express their thoughts and opinions, leaving a mark of their talent. Come test your mettle and showcase your talent, but most of all, be there to experience the boundless fun at Fikr-O-Fun.


PA Events

Treasure hunt , Ethnic Walk , Stage Play , Singing , Dancing ,Documentary Screening

FA Events

Photo exhibition , Photography Competition , Painting , Poster making , Slogan writing , Collage

LA Events

 Debate  , JAM , Ad-Mad ,Quiz