Karavaan is a student-run annual cultural festival conducted by the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune. Being a national-level festival, it brings in students from colleges across Pune and also from national institutes all over India. The festival is held in the months of October or November for 3 days, every year.

Karavaan started off as a small, intra-college festival from 2008 and went on to become a national-level festival. At first, it was a platform only for the students of IISER to showcase their artistic talent, which then transformed into a national level stage for talent.

The events and competitions are held are in the fields of music, dance, drama, art, literary and the quizing. They also have events like Band Wars and Pronite which is a performance by artists from diverse fields. The IISER Showcase lets students take center stage for their performances in the fields of dance, music and drama.


BADHOC Hypothesis

In the vein of something truly science-y, test your ability to cook up the most absurd, out-of-the-world hypotheses, to explain everyday observations.

Chemical Artist

Chromatography is a technique which is used to separate components of a mixture depending on their ability to dissolve in a particular solvent and the ability to get adsorbed. Different components will have different solubility’s and therefore will move to a different length on a chromatography paper/column.

Minimalistic Pedagogy

Ever wanted to imitate your favourite science teacher? Here's your chance to bedazzle and bewilder your "students", by taking inspiration from the things around you.

Science Stand Up Comedy

Laugh your gluteus maximus off with this event filled with nerd-humour.

Digital Fortress

Break-in with your coding skills and steal the enigmatic prize!

Band Events

Classical Night

singing competition


MTV bollyland

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Grab your partner, and sing in soulful synchrony in this duet singing competition. Bring your own unique twist to any song of your choice!

Musical Melange

Blend the best of both worlds and add a new dimension to Indian Music by fusing it with another musical style.

Sync Your Steps

Fuse the grace of Indian dance, with the energy of a Western style, and what you have is a winning combination!

Street Beats

Battle it out with style without missing a beat and the winner gets the much deserved credit. Dare to take the challenge?


Show off your trivia of this enigmatic land of ours. Do you have what it takes to take pride in yourself and your country?

Street Play

Let your choices be heard. Grab our attention and make us think. 

Just A Minute

“Friends, Rom” – *Buzz* Standard Formatting! JAM is an event where each participant’s aim is to speak for as long as possible on a given topic. Test your ability to hold on to the microphone, whilst facing strict scrutiny from your peers; you lose the spotlight when they spot a mistake! Remember, there’s a moody moderator to please!

Crime Scene Investigation

You hear an ear-piercing scream in the middle of the night…A murder has happened. You have a mystery to solve. Interview the witness who might be the suspects and show off your deductions before the others to win it all. 

Pitch Your Sketch

Erase the thought bubbles and let the ideas flow free. Speak up about any social or political situation relevant to you as an Indian, satirically in a comic/cartoon. You just have a piece of paper; make sure that it makes the cut.

Painting Parasols