Hosted by SSN College of Engineering, Instincts is an annual inter-collegiate festival that attracts large crowds from colleges all over in South India. Each day and night of Instincts is filled with a number of entertaining singing and dancing events with leading DJs, professional dance teams and enchanting voices from the cine industry.

Chiefly catering to the tastes of the youth in South India, Instincts also has a social touch to its activities such as, donating towards the victims of the severe Chennai floods. From rock stars to artists, realists to gamers, it provides the best platform for everyone to showcase their skills and gain exposure to a greater audience. Come second week of March, the new flavor of Instincts promises to deliver more than what it already does to its patrons.


Online Photography

Photograph competition

On day photography

Photograph competition

Rapid Fire Art

Instant art


Hena art competition

Glass painitng

Glass painting competititon

Face painting

Face painting

Spent Quiz

TV quiz

GK Quiz

gk quiz


Convinve people to believe your story

SSN Debate

Parlimentary style debate


Just a minute


Make way out of a situation

Lawyer out

Legal lawyer enacting game

Pot Purri


ELC Lounge

Political jokes

Light music

Battle of the bands

Solo vocals

Individual singing

Carnatic Music event

Classical music

Western band

Modern music band event



Team dance event

Western solo dance

Solo dance competition

Adapt tune

Improve dance competition

Classical solo

Indian classical dance comp.


Miming, skit, etc.