Kaleidoscope is Sophia College’s annual cultural event, now in its 31styear.

Sophia College celebrates its female student body, using Kaleidoscope as a platform to help them flaunt what they are capable of doing in today’s competitive world.

True to its name, Kaleidoscope features a truly exhaustive spectrum of events ranging from classical and street dance, acapella singing, DJ and band competitions, street theatre, canvas-drawing, scarf-designing, doodling, thrash-talking debates, jingle-creation, and money-making workshops, which draw enthusiastic participants from across the country.

Mr. and Mrs. K-scope, an unusual pageant, is one of Kaleidoscope’s most popular events. Don’t forget to drop by on September 17thand 18thto add some spice to your rainy escapades.



Panch Tattwa Natyam, The Times, fusion freak, Back to street .


Open Mic Nights Symphonique Bombay Ka Tumka Bajaate Raho Electrocuted Pitch Slapped Tal se Tal Mila


Dus ka thees, Maano Ya Na Maano, Nukkad Nattak.


Canvas drawing event [1 participant]

Music Maniac

Drawing event [1 participant]

Out of bounds

Photography event [1 participant]


Doll making competition [2 participants]

Phata Postr Nikala Hero

Poster making event [1 participant]


Rangoli making [1 participant]

Scarf it up

Scarf designing [1 participant]

Face it till you ace it

Face drawing [3 participants]

Graffic Jam

Digital tshirt desigining [1 participant]

Snap Mera Event

Photography event [1 participant]


Doodle Kscope [1 participants]

Installation Art- Kya Baat Hai Bhaiya!

Art installations using clay, paper, etc. [entry based]