Kshitij is the annual cultural festival organized by Mithibai College. A 4 day affair with more than 500 colleges participating, the festival organizes a number of competitions and workshops in the cultural fields of dance, music, theatre, literature and writing, public speaking and even fine arts. In 2013, the festival was inaugurated by Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra and by Akshay Kumar, Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez in 2015.

A number of interesting competitions, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, amateur and professional shows are the events to expect at the festival- Kshitij. It is mainly known for its Pro-Nites and bands like Raghu Dixit, Pentagram, Kailash Kher, Hard Kaur, Tochi Raina and many others have performed at Kshitij.



Western band event, drum wars, beat boxing, western unplugged, sufi singing, duet A capella.


bollywood group dance, street dance, solo contemporary, Folk dance.


Movie Parody Fashion Show Street play Mr, and Ms. Kshitij.

Decoration with punch craft

clay modelling, T-shirt doodling, mirror Reflection, short film making, Ad Film making, Documentary film making, Shadow Photography, Spot photography, Fashion photography.


creative writing, Extempore, poetry, Debate.


cricket, football, basketball, women's throwball, mixed martial arts, kronum, Fifa16.


Counterstrike, Call of Duty, WWE, Blur, DOTA, Hog-A-Thon, Water Event.


Dance ke legend,


Mr. Mrs. Colosseum, Miss India, Fashion Show.


Art Feast, Object Art.


Paintball, Hop Scotch, Dodgeball, Quidditch, Cricket, Maze, Football.

Fashion Show

1st- Mafia Mermaid 2nd - Musician Reapers 3rd - Professor Orge & Rickshawala Goblin


1st - Astrologer Elf Team 2, 2nd - Mafia Mermaid Team 1, 3rd - Musician Reaper Team 1.

Writing Event

1st - Musician Reaper Team 1, 2nd - Boxer Unicorn Team 2, 3rd - Rickshawala Goblin Team 2.

Agony Aunt Event

1st - Rickshawala Goblin Team 2 2nd - Boxer Unicorn Team 2, Mafia Mermaid Team 1 & Musician Reapers Team 1.

Online PR

Rickshawala Goblin

Last Brand Standing

Copy Writing

1st - Astrologer Elf Team 2, 2nd - Rickshawala Goblin Team 2, 3rd - Alien Chief 1 .


1st - Professort Orge 2nd - Firefighter tooth activity 3rd - Phoenix Tailor

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1st - Anasi Postman, 2nd - Rickshawala Goblin Team 2, 3rd - Boxer Unicorn Team 2.

1st - Rickshawala Goblin Team 2, 2nd - Alien Chief team 1, 3rd - Rickshawala Goblin Team 1.


1st - Cheerleader Owlman Team 1 2nd - Pirate Pixie Team 1 3rd - Phoenix Tailor Team 1


1st - Centaur Fisherman Team 1 2nd - Cheerleader Owlman Team 2 3rd - Alien Chief team 2

Art & Writing event

1st - Astrologer Elf 2nd - Musician Reapers 3rd - Boxer Unicorn


1st - Musicians Reapers 2nd - Mafia Mermaid 3rd - Firefighter toothfairy


2nd - Musician reapers team 1


1st - Musician Reapers 2nd - Mafia Mermaid 3rd - Rickshawala Goblin

Art Event

1st - Musician Reapers, 2nd - Rickshawala Goblin, 3rd - Astrologer Elf.