MindSpark,a brainchild of Pune’s College of Engineering students, serves as proving grounds for the country’s sharpest engineering minds to breathe life into their innovative ideas.

Packed with challenging events that give your inner Tesla ample avenue to soar, while letting you flaunt your real Steel chops, MindSpark boasts of robot dog-fights, wars, wrestling, RC racing, AutoCAD designing and problem-solving, high-level debugging, along with quizzes, a virtual stock market, Counter-Strike, treasure hunt, and HAM Radio and LINUX workshops.

Sounds interesting? Trust us, it’s way better when you’re in the thick of it! Ready your gray cells and head down to MindSpark on 23rd to 25th September.




Dog Fight

Build a bot to complete the task and obstruct your opponents from completing theirs

Robo Wars

 War of robots

Search N Destroy

Build a line tracer bot and complete a given task in minimum time

Bot Wrestling

Make a wireless bot to push the enemy out of the ring

Virtual Robotics

epresent robotic concepts (eg. Robotic arm) using simulation softwares like Simulink


Build an RC boat

The Wright Turn

Build an RC plane


Build an RC car and compete in a race


Build a model using predefined materials and given topic

Intelligent Design 2D 

 AutoCAD problem solving

Intelligent Design 3D 

Catia, Pro E, UG Designing

Intelligent Design Civil

AutoCAD designing for Civil

On the Etch

Analyse and reveal a microstructure


Complete a task using 7 energy transformations in a domino effect


Best out of waste

Circuit Fixer 

Debugging circuits for FY/SY.

Circuit Fixer 

High level debugging and building circuits


Design efficient electronic systems using given components

Micro Apps

Using ATMEL 89C51 microcontroller, design a system.


Job manufacturing using Lathe


Plan and Design a smart city


Make Concrete models with highest compressive strength


Build a structure from given materials

Dexter’s Lab 

Qualitative analysis – titration

Chemistry Quiz 

Basic chemistry quiz


Flagship event - Write research papers exploring unexplored ideas and get a chance to have them reviewed for research journals.

Paper Presentation Comp/IT

Computer/Information Technology research paper

Paper Presentation MechProdMeta 

Mechanical, Production, Metallurgy research paper

Paper Presentation EEI 

Electrical, Electronics research paper

Paper Presentation Civil 

Civil research paper


Biology quiz


Pune’s largest open GK quiz


Mela Quiz - Movies, Entertainment, Literature, Arts quiz


Science and Technology Quiz

Bull Run 

Virtual Stock Market


Fantasy T20 auctions


Photography contest within COEP campus of MindSpark

LAN Slam 

Counter Strike Condition zero


Test your Googling skills

The Amazing Race

 Treasure Hunt within 5 km radius of COEP


Solve 9x9 Sudoku puzzles


Linux Workshop

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe workshop


Basic communication and HAM radio workshop

Virtual Lab 

Learn and explore COEP’s Virtual lab, one of few in India