Panacea , The national level cultural fest conducted by SRM University, is an annual event which is marked by the amalgamation of talent from all over the nation. What started out as an idea, culminated into a full-fledged endeavor to provide a holistic cultural experience to students. Through the due course of the last 8 years, Milan has churned out 8 spectacularly successful editions that have progressively evolved in terms of the number of events as well as the participants in attendance. With generic events ranging from dance, aeromodelling, to ingenious ones such as Fun Valley, DSP Live and Evam standup Tamasha, this expansive and engaging festival aims to bring out the best in all its participants and promises the patrons an outstanding experience. Rallying in the month of March, this cultural fest is gearing up to out-do itself yet again.








Group Indian Dance , Group Western Dance , Variety Show , Light Music , MR/MS..Panacea , Duet Dance , ADZAP , Movies Dub , Dumb Charades , Coffee With SRM , VJ Wanna Be , Adap Tune , Solo Singing , Tamil Debate , Dubsmash , Konajam Nadinga Boss


Spoof A Movie , Short Flim , Connections , Ship Wreck , Eat-O-Mango , Cooking Without Fire , Pot Painting , Face Painting , Photography , Rangoli , Creative Writing , Selfie Contest

LA Event

Cine Quiz, Treassure Hunt , Jam


Block & Table , Gaming