PECOFES, Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC)’s cultural and literary extravaganza, is organized by the student council to promote the spirit of competition amongst the college youth.

Come September 14, it’s party time for 3 whole days! So say your goodbyes to college’s monotonous lectures, let your hair down, unleash your inner party animal and enjoy! Up for your enjoyment lie acting, a fashion parade, impromptu choreography, product-marketing, word shipwreck, charades and a talent variety show.

If you’re looking to enjoy glorious nights in the sea breeze, explore French culture and rediscover yourself, PECOFES is the place to be!


Adapt Tunes

Can you dance? Okay, maybe you can. But can you think on your feet and choreograph as well? Can u blend your body into a beacon responsive to any music you hear? Well, this is for you then !

Fashion Parade

Creativity comes from the conflict of ideas. Love the entire rituals of getting dressed, the liturgy of a well crafted, emotional fashion show and attempt to realise art in living forms and social intercourse.


Acting competition

Event Simulation

How well can u recreate a scene and make the audience believe it to be real?

Mr & mrs Pecofes

Fashion show


Cook up something on the spot.

Quadra Pics

Four pictures given, just one word expected.

Creative Writing 

Do words just spill out of your mind even before formulation and do you weave webs of innovation around your reader?

La resolution d’enigmes (Puzzle solving)

Decrypt those puzzles!

Texting Technician

For All Those thumb syndrome affected, smartphone obessed geniuses

Soap carving



Clay Modelling

Short Film


Market a product

Have you got it in you to haggle and sell off anything given to you?


Fight with words, but yes! You are fighting for your life.

Dumb charades

They say actions speak louder than words. Let's see if that's true.

Spell bee

Bring out your spelling prowess and prove if you're a stickler for correct spelling.

Turncoat (Block N Tackle)

Can you think on your feet. Are you good at managing tongue slips? Can you tackle situations and seem to speak both sides. Then come equivocate at Turncoat.


How loquacious are you? Come prove your worth in oration.

Literary quiz

Come , show off your grey matter.


If arguing kindles your blood, come and plunge into a war of words.

Variety Variety

Make a mark this Pecofes at one of the biggest college competitions in the country. Fame, glory, fans, and most importantly a celebration of your talent - watch it all work on your audience.Variety is the very spice of life... Give it all its flavour. Extend the natural   delight and abound in variety