Spektrum is the commerce festival organised by the Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. The fest has a wide variety of events and competitions that challenge the mathematics, finance and commerce students to participate in a stimulated, non-academic environment. Usually hosted in February, Spektrum is a two-day extravaganza that invites a large number of students from Delhi University.

The highlights of this festival are the Odessey, EDManiacs, FIFA Manager, and Cricket Fever events. Apart from this, the DCAC Youth Summit also aims at bringing together the finest minds from a plethora of fields to come share their life stories with the youth of this country to connect the classroom and real worlds.

Spektrum, like the name suggests offers the audience a wide variety of entertaining and challenging events and ensures a good time for all attendees. Mark your calendars, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!


Odessey- Treasure hunt


Portfolio Perfecto


Stock- O- Holic

Mangement events


Mangement events

Fifa manager

Mangement events

Kaizen - Inventory Management

Cricket Fever

Brand Slam 

DCAC Youth Summit.

The summit aims at bringing together some of the finest minds from the fields of politics, corporate, education, philanthropy, sports and entertainment, and sharing pages from their life with the youth of our country.