SpringSpree is a fest conducted by the students of National Institute of Technology.

It was the first college festival in southern India and was conducted every year till the end of the 90s. The success of the festival heavily depends on the efforts and idea of the entire students working team. SpringSpree, a three day annual cultural festival, showcases 55+ events in the fields of art, literature, drama, dance, music, quizzing, photography and painting. Including spotlight events like Fashion Show, Bboying Competition, etc. Famous musicians are invited to close each day of the fest with a bang. In the years prior, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, has seen the likes of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Jasraj, Naresh Iyer and Stephen Devassy to name a few. Indian rock bands like Parikrama, Thermal And a Quarter, ThemClones, Drum Cafe and others have also performed. This festival aims at making it large in 2016, thereby raising the curiosity and anticipation of its patrons.




Mixed style singing competition

Urban Raga

Western & Classical istrumental

RJ Spree

War of DJs

Pair Dance

Duet dance competition

Solo Dance

Individual dance competition

Director's cut

Short film competition

Face painting and Tattoo making

Face painting competition

Mask making

Mask making competition

Tshirt making

Tshirt making competition


General and entertainment

Informal debate

Debate competition


Apptitude and GK


Memory, logical reasoning, etc.

IPL Auction

IPL bidding to find maaximum value

Spree studio

Production company scenario

Mock placement

Rehearsal of placements


Cooking competition

Wolf of spree

Share market simulation