technical event

Pune Institute of Technology’s annual technical event Credenz endeavors to enkindle the minds of thousands of students visiting annually. Over the years, it has attracted the connoisseurs of engineering and technology.

Credenz represents zenith of science and engineering in a landscape of future visionaries and scientists. From thrilling robotic competitions to the enriching workshops, every bit promises to be a fulfilling experience.

The 3-day long tech fest includes C/C++ coding events, reimagining science concepts, online clue hunts, paper presentation, as well as app and website development for those up for a real challenge.

Alongwith these, Credenz will also comprise business acumen challenges, doodling events and an eccentric MAD talk where insanity is sanity. All set to ‘ignite your world’ from September 23rd to 25th, Credenz is the one tech event that’s totally worth your time.