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‘For A Better Day’

D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering student Aayush Tiwari believes in creating change through music.


Aayush Tiwari would describe himself as flimsy, but all it took for him to take up music production was one concert. Aayush would scour the internet, watch hours of YouTube videos, and practice until he was sure of the kind of music he wanted to make. Since 2016, he has been releasing music independently through a distribution company. Since that gig in 2013, he has produced enough bangers for The Chainsmokers, Borgeous, Marshmello, R3HAB to appreciate his art.

His latest track, an original titled ‘For a Better Day,’ is in collaboration with an Australian artist, and has been viewed over 1.6K times. This track, available on streaming platforms worldwide, is also an appeal to his alma mater.

Recently, D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, discontinued their annual cultural fest, ‘Trinity’. This came as a shock many of the college’s talented students — a national-level drummer, their award-winning street play team, amongst many others. The “bedroom music producer” uses his art to put forth his love for performing, and appeal to the officials to bring back extra-curriculars in any way they can.

“If only we had a fest, we could make our college proud and even if there’s an annual day, some of us can actually show something different from academics. That’s a completely different tangent, I obviously wont be able to change the whole mindset of our college faculty but if they give little importance to such projects too, it can inspire other people to do the same too. There’s no way to nurture because all this is given least importance. “

Aayush, despite having started distributing his music as recently as 2016, has been featured on Sunburn’s radio, received shoutouts on VH1, and crossed over 1 lakh plays on SoundCloud. Aayush is also, in the near future, going to be the youngest Indian indie artist to feature on iHeart Radio.

Listen to his music here.

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