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Gutting Poem On Mental Health

8th March 2018
Abhishek Gupta opens up about his depression and anxiety in his poem, ‘It Follows Me’.
Growing up an introvert meant that Abhishek would spend more time with his pen and journal, pouring out every little thought that came to his mind. Three years ago, however, he gave performing his poetry a thought, and hasn’t looked back since.
Last month, we introduced to you his beautiful poem, Aashiyana, where he tells us how he set out to find a place he could call home.
In his latest poetry piece, he speaks about anxiety and depression that he has battled. About his poem, he says,
“I suffer from anxiety. I also know what depression feels like, because I’ve been through that, for one whole year in 2016. It is, most definitely, not a good feeling. A lot of things creep up in your mind, and it’s really hard to get a hold of yourself when you’re in a situation like that. People don’t really understand what depression is; they confuse it with sadness. It’s not that, it’s worse.”
Abhishek tries to find inspiration in every single moment – as a writer, he finds importance in the minutest details. He loves the stage, and he loves performing his poetry.
Abhishek has done several shows in Mumbai and Bangalore, at reputed places like The Habitat, and was even called by Mid Night Diary as a special guest poet in Jamshedpur. In February, he was the featured poet and opener for Wittyfeed India’s show in Bengaluru.
While he hasn’t performed much since moving to Bangalore, he uploads his poetry on his YouTube channel every month. Abhishek chooses to be an independent spoken word artist. He records, edits, and runs his channel by himself. He hopes that his content is watched by, and inspires, a lot of people. “Until then, I’m going to keep working on my art.”
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