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Insane Beat-boxing Routine

Afsar Syed’s excellent beat-boxing routine is the latest entry in’s Music Shortlist. 

Afsar Syed, a BBA student at St. Aloysius College in Bangalore, was always into music. When a friend of his introduced him to beat-boxing 5 years ago, it immediately piqued his interest. Since then, he has performed at over a hundred colleges and won most of the battles – this does not include the countless massive events he has performed at.

Afsar is amongst the top 16 beat-boxers in India, a title he won at the Official Indian Beat-box National Championships 2016, Nagaland. He also won the V-fest by Channel V. He aspires to be a full-time beat-boxer and a musician someday.

Another brilliant beat-boxer is Mumbai-based Adnan Khan. Adnan is an integral part of the Music Cypher, and has performed all over the country since. Read his story here.

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By the Editorial Team.