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An Original Composition About Bombay

Aditya Shekhawat, a first year Journalism student at Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, composed a brilliant original ‘Maybe I Never Change The World’, about the city of dreams- Bombay.

“’Maybe I Never Change The World’ was written in Bombay, for Bombay. I was visiting for the first time, and being someone from Delhi, I was absolutely awestruck by the spirit of the people there. Everyone’s a dreamer and there are people that don’t ‘make it’. So this song is an attempt to comfort all such people; changing the world is not important as long as you’re doing what you love. And the video, I believe, lays emphasis on this message. It is about urban isolation, not caring and just doing what you want, where you want,” says the talented singer.

His journey started when he got formally introduced to rock music in school in the 5th grade. After which he took up the guitar and began to train himself for hours at end.

 “I started writing my own music in 9th grade, but I obviously didn’t know how to structure my songs very well. I kept writing, composing and discarding whatever I worked on before I ever completed anything, because I was looking for a very particular, defining sound. Slowly, all my scattered ideas started to make more sense and my newer ideas started tying everything up together. The culmination of that is ‘Audio Vandalism’ my first EP that I’m going to be releasing song by song.”

He also feels that music shouldn’t be perfect, rather it should be flawed, raw, and human.

“I saw music around me that was too perfect. Pop music especially is perfect to the point that it loses personality altogether. I never wanted any of my songs to be that way. People shouldn’t care about perfection in today’s world as much as they do. We fight against unrealistic beauty standards and ideals of physical perfection, so I wanted to extend that movement to art and music. All my songs are recorded and mixed in a deliberately raw way and I’ve done most of all my tracking in one take, so if I make a fault, it’s there in the final recording.”

This very passionate and brilliant musician is going to be performing at his college’s music gathering very soon. So Delhi people, make sure you don’t miss out because he’s not only going to be performing some amazing covers, but also some of his new compositions!

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