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‘Chambal Ke’ Original Rap

From growing up in a family of Chambal’s dacoits, to making his own music, Government Commerce College student Ajaye Khangar aka YAARA is the latest entry in the Shortlist.

While Government Commerce College, Kota student Ajaye Khangar pursues his Bachelors in Commerce, he often finds himself making music on his life in Chambal.

In his video ‘Chambal Ke’, he uses B-Boying artists and BMX riders to complement his lyrics, and wants his video to be an answer to the American Hip Hop culture. Ajaye describes his track as a “shout-out to to all the bold, talented street thugs coming outta Chambal.”

The rapper, alternatively known as YAARA, officially started rapping 2 years ago, but has loved music since his childhood. As a kid, he would add his own elements in popular Bollywood songs, which led him to perform in inter-school competitions, and then, make his own music.

While he hasn’t performed his music live in his hometown yet, he aims at starting the live show culture in Kota soon. He aspires to live life to the fullest, and live the best version of himself.

To end the interview, he says,

“I wish to contribute to the world in such a way that no kid sleeps without food or stays uneducated.”

We can’t wait to see what more YAARA has in store!

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By the Editorial Team.