Shortlist | Poetry


Sharnita Nadella, a student at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, writes a poetry on the word ‘Cheerful’ for the Shortlist.


Sounded fine
I knew it wasn’t right
Wikipedia, Google couldn’t describe
Error 404 couldn’t be my prize
I stared again
Dissecting it in my brain
No Shakespeare in there- had to look it up again
8 letters 3 syllables.
I scanned the page again
All my effort, seemed to end in vain
Distracted myself
In hope of a Eureka!
Waited for days,
Apparently there was no winning this game
The question continued
To revolve in my brain
One day I decided to take the reigns
A word or phrase
Couldn’t be enough to define my name
Once a year I pick a phrase
8 letters and 3 syllables constantly change.


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By the Editorial Team.