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‘Chhote Tu Apna Dekh’

Dhruv Rajpal, a student from Amity Law School in Delhi, recently featured on Spotify’s official playlist for his track ‘Chhote Tu Apna Dekh’. We catch up with the young musician about his track (cause it’s been a long time since we spoke).

We were only thrilled to see an email from Dhruv Rajpal, saying his fresh track got featured on Spotify’s Editor’s Pick playlist–you see, it’s been a while since we caught up with him. The Amity Law College student recently released his track, ‘Chhote Tu Apna Dekh’, and it’s been getting quite the love from his peers and the music streaming app alike.

Dhruv regards the song as a coming-of-age story, revolving around of law school, substances, and most importantly, his personal growth as an artist.

Dhruv started playing the guitar over a decade ago and stuck to playing rock and progressive music for the most part. He had made up his mind to follow a “conventional” career path, which is why he chose law school. While everything seemed to be going right, his college wrongfully debarred him in his first year, which came as a rude shock. He thought, screw it, and decided to teach himself music production. “I had all that music inside me, all I needed to learn was to lay it down in a DAW (digital audio workstation).” As his learning curve progressed, he started looking for rappers to hop on his beats, but it was harder than he thought. So he rapped on his beats, and that’s how ‘Chhote Tu Apna Dekh’ happened. “I instantly knew it was real… and dope.”

And Spotify thought so, too.

The song, also his debut as a hindi rapper, made it to Spotify India’s editorial playlist, and he’s been over the moon since. “I’m not even gonna try and be cool about it. When they emailed me, I jumped. It was the first time that the ‘industry’ appreciated and understood what I’m doing.”

While this itself is a pretty big deal, Dhruv sees his feature as a milestone. He is already halfway done with his debut album, and gearing up to drop more singles. For his next single ‘Nai Chaiye’, he collaborated with hip hop’s most revered producer, Sajeel Kapoor AKA Sez On The Beat. They might even make a video!

While Dhruv hasn’t played live yet, he’s “totally down for it.” Hit him up on his Instagram.