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Coldplay’s ‘Everglow’ Cover

21-year-old Arkaprabha Das got inspired by an episode of Tom & Jerry where Tom is playing the piano, and decided to learn the instrument himself. 
An engineering student at Indian Institute of Engineering Science And Technology, Shibpur, 21-year-old Arkaprabha Das comes from a musical background- his mother was a Hawaiian guitarist and used to play songs by Pink Floyd & the Beatles, and his father was quite a fan of classical rock. So, young Arkaprabha grew up listening to and being influenced by great music.
He started learning the keyboards in Class 1 from a local teacher on a second hand Yamaha keyboard, but the urge to improve came after he heard forsaken by Dream Theater; that was the day he knew that this is what he wanted to do. Slowly but steadily, he started covering progressive metal songs, mostly by Dream Theater and Jordan Rudeness.
His first performance was in Class 5, and his first band ‘Abandoned Memories’ was formed in Class 11 where they released a single and covered quite a few heavy metal songs. When he moved to Kolkata to study engineering, he met a bunch of people who supported & motivated him to make better music day after day.
“Debjyoti Datta has been my constant motivator and the guy who taught me how to improvise in music . Another guy whom I would like to mention is Adrish Ghoshal, who has also been one of my constant supporters and one of the main reasons for what I am today. My senior Avik Ghosh, still remains my mentor, and the best senior according to me in my college, always ready to advice me and help me when I’m in need”, says the young musician. 
Inspired by Jordan Rudess, Keith Emerson, Richard Barbieri, Derek Shrenian, and Kevin Moore, Arkaprabha had always dreamt of composing his own songs, and so, bringing his project ‘pipedreamindia’ to life was a huge achievement. He also plays for a project called Neemlake, has performed at various college fests, and has featured as a guest artist with other bands. He recently composed a prog metal version of ‘How To Save A Life’, with a friend, Sabujshree Siraj, and he said that it was one of the best voices that he has heard and mixed recently.
“I just want to say that composing and practicing hard gives you happiness that is really cherishable, when you listen to what you have composed at the end of the day, you get peace and serenity, which according to me is something that cannot be achieved from anything other than music.”
While Arkaprabha is all set to perform at Oikotaan, an event at his college, where various bands will come & perform their original compositions, his dream is to perform at NH7 Weekender, in the Bacardi Arena, as Pipedreamindia, alongside some of the best musicians in the country.
“I would like to say to my fellow musicians and friends to not to leave music or any form of art due to any circumstance. Coping up with the circumstance or the situation and continuing with your passion will give you a sense of happiness and serenity that you will cherish and enjoy forever”, he said, signing off.
By the Editorial Team.