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‘Flying Sober’

Dee Me Too’s original, ‘Flying Sober’, is the latest addition to our playlist! Read on to find out about his musical journey, his inspirations, and his magical first performance.

When Deepak Malhotra quit smoking abruptly, he felt agitated to the point that his behaviour affected his personal relationships. The frustration took over his life, and he would often wonder where he was headed. It’s no surprise when he says that composing ‘Flying Sober’ came naturally to him.

Known in Bangalore’s music scene as Dee Me Too, he first picked up his guitar when he was 15. At 17, he started composing his own music, majorly influenced by the likes of John Mayer and Damien Rice, and would often look for people to sing for him. “It just didn’t work out. Even with their great technique, I wouldn’t feel the magic that I felt when I wrote my songs. So, I decided to teach myself how to sing, and I’ve been working on my vocals ever since.”

So what was his first performance like?

dee“My first performance was in my 12th grade, and it was a very tense, yet calm, feeling. I know it’s contradictory, but there were brief seconds in my performance where I completely lost myself into the beauty of it; that’s the space I fell in love with. The feeling is incomparable and immensely sacred, and it was then that I decided that I want to devote my life to explore that space.” 

In 2015, his hard work was noticed and landed him gigs at elegant hotels and shacks, where he would perform covers of popular songs. He would often slip in his own compositions, and that often got him great encouragement, too.

Dee Me Too aspires to be a full-time musician, and wants to teach and spread his love for music for a long, long time. 

Much like Deepak, a lot of young artists crave to pursue their passion, but require that one push. If you’re that artist, we would love to talk to you! Hit us up here and be a part of the Fam.

Can’t get enough of Flying Sober? Catch him live at Roadhouse Cafe, Greater Kailash 1, every Friday at 9pm! 

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By the Editorial Team.