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‘Gypsy on the Run’

Vernon Aaron D’souza, a student from Wilson College in Mumbai, recently sent us his newest country song, ‘Gypsy on the Run.’ We pass the mic over to the young singer-songwriter as he tells us more about his internationally-recognised song. The song even featured on the Rolling Stones Playlist for the month of June, alongside Naezy and Enkore! 

‘Gypsy On The Run’ was written and composed in November 2018. It’s a country rock song, something very different from the soft, easy listening, stuff I usually sing. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and write something that no one would expect me to sing or perform, hence I would say that this track is an experimental track. While writing it, I was listening to a lot of Oasis and Queen records. I was pretty new to Oasis and I thought, “This is so raw and attractive! Why doesn’t anyone write such songs anymore?” And eventually, I wrote ‘Gypsy On The Run’. The song is about how I want to live life the way I want to. I don’t want to get caught in the everyday rituals of life and be just another face in the crowd. I want to think that a lot of young dreamers will relate to this song.

After writing the song, I sent it to my friend Souvik Adak who hails from Asansol, my hometown. He loved it and got down to producing it. We spent 5 months working on the song. Everything, from the vocal recordings to the production, was done in his bedroom in Asansol. After hearing the rough demo, I decided to add a Harmonica to the song and I spent a lot of time looking for a harmonica player. I finally met Mr. Motwane, one of the finest harmonica players around, who very kindly obliged to let me record the harmonica segments for my song, in his house.
Once the song was fully produced, I approached Mr. Andrew Mackay, founder of the Bombay Dub Orchestra. Mr. Mackay is very supportive of my music and got me in touch with Joshua Rodrigues, the mixing engineer for this song. After getting the track mixed, we got the track sent to Abbey Road Studio for mastering, thanks to Mr Mackay. Christian Wright mastered the song and it was released on all platforms on the 7th of June.
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