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Mumbai’s Akshay Giri and Shravan Patil share the story behind their latest single, HIGHER.  

What started off as a casual outing at a cafe on uneventful Tuesday evening, soon turned into a brainstorming session for college-going artists Akshay Giri and Shravan Patil. Over the course of time, the duo collaborated to make HIGHER, and couldn’t have been happier about the love they’ve been receiving for the video.

Akshay AKA Giri G was 15 when he was introduced to hip hop, and realised that, to truly make it, he’d have to learn producing music by himself. HIGHER, composed by himself and The Alpha, who features alongside in the video, is directed by Shravan, a student from Mumbai, and was shot at the most picturesque locations.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

“When Giri hit me up with the final product, I went crazy. In my mind, I was already at the location – visualising the concepts and angles. In no time, we turned this into reality.”

While Akshay aims to be the voice of the youth with his music, Shravan sees himself as the next big thing in Bollywood. They have also been planning a HIGHER tour, and they can’t wait to see you connect with their music. Watch this space updates!
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By the Editorial Team.