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‘Hope’ – An Original Song

We talk to young singer-songwriter and VJTI student Mohnish Gaikawad about his single ‘Hope’.
Mohnish Gaikawad decided to learn the guitar right after he watched the Bollywood film, Rockstar. While the VJTI Mumbai student doesn’t come from a musical background, he makes sure that his audience doesn’t get a hint of a newcomer. “Mostly,” he says, “that comes from practice.”
The young performer only started performing when he was in college—until then, he would make music for himself. “I was pretty bad at it,” he says, adding that he didn’t even know how to sing with the mic when he was performing for the first time. It took several performances at open mic events, cafes, and intimate gatherings to get better at his art.
While Mohnish wants to be a full-time musician, he believes it’s very difficult for an independent artist to make it big today. He plans to write more music and practice, until he sees a sliver of hope for him in the music industry to dive in. Until then, catch him at live gigs across Mumbai!
By the Editorial Team.