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‘Karan Arjun’ Dubstep/Dance Cover

Second Year M.Tech Petroleum Geoscience student from IIT Bombay, Swayambhu Tripathi sent us his ‘Karan Arjun’ x Dubstep video shot in the beautiful valley of Dehradun. Why don’t you take a look?


Students from across the country have been sharing with us their spectacular talent to be featured on the Shortlist and our next one from an IITian remixes a popular Bollywood track with dubstep dance. A dancer from the young age of 15, Swayambhu remembers what drove him to embark on this journey.

“I remember going to watch one of the school functions in my hometown with my mother as a little child. The dance performance of the evening was a chart-buster and I cannot forget the cheering and clapping I saw. The smile on my mother’s face was an added bonus and that’s when I decided I want to dance. Before I knew it, it had become my passion already,” he says.

Swayambhu’s first stage performance was in high school after which he joined a dance crew. With a passion for dubstep, popping and beat kill dancing, he aspires to become a choreographer and we can’t wait to see more of him!

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By the Editorial Team.