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Indian Classical Bharatnaytam on Chart Topping ‘Closer’ by College Girl – It’s A Must Watch!

If you think we are joking when we say Sri Venkateswara College is the hotbed of college talent in Delhi, we really are not kidding! Venky has not only given us fantastic musicians such as Sumer but also marvellous beatboxers such as Ishaan and super instrumentalists such as Birraj, without forgetting the Basketball star Ashanis.

This time round, we’re back to make your acquaintance with yet another talented student from Venky, Sudhana Shankar – a third-year Statistics student who caught our attention with her group’s spectacular (and award winning) Western Group Dance performance at AIIMS’ Pulse.

Sudhana’s journey in dance began with her classes in Bharatnatyam, at the young age of six. She performed at her ‘Arangetram’, her first solo debut in the eighth grade and remembers that feeling of being on stage even today.

“To have the stage all to yourself, where I could put my art and heart out was a beautiful feeling. I messed up a bit, froze on stage but moved on. This was definitely my best learning experience,” she says.

Ever since then, Sudhana has performed at over a 100 classical dance festivals, including the Kalidas Festival in Ujjain, the Sonpur Festival in Bihar and at Nellaiappar Temple in Tamil Nadu and many more. As a member of Venky’s Dance Society – Verve Dance Crew, she has performed in “almost all” college festivals – Mood Indigo at IIT B, IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi to name a few.

“Being a part of the college crew has helped me give a new dimension to dancing and moreover my perspective about dancing and all the fests have been the best platform to showcase what you have to pave way for new opportunities. The happiness and peace that comes with performing is what inspires me to perform,” says Sudhana.

Sudhana also talks about her Guru as her biggest role-model and inspiration. She aspires to be a professional classical dancer and wants to explore the art form to go beyond boundaries that already exist in this style of dance. As her first effort, here’s her Boombox submission performing Bharatnatyam on the popular song ‘Closer’.

We can only expect to watch Sudhana soar greater heights in the time to come and we assure you- you’ll hear all about it!


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By the Editorial Team