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Empowering Original Composition

In the swarm of original music in the indie music scene, Juilee Lav stands out with her great voice and her sense of aesthetic in her original music video, ‘Please Set Me Free’. 
Juilee, a 21 year old student at Pravin Gandhi College of Law, recently debuted with Please Set Me Free,  her first single on YouTube, featuring Ishq Bector.  Juilee has been passionate about music since her 4th grade. She has always found solace in penning down her thoughts, and Please Set Me Free is, in a way, her first step towards her musical journey.
About the song, here’s what she had to say:
“This song is about escaping from things that hold you back. Writing this song was therapeutic; it has helped me through some tough times. Music has helped me connect with emotions I didn’t know I could feel. Too many times things that are dear to us, tie us down; and I hope this song can inspire people to take a step towards liberation from things that weigh them down. My art means the world to me and I hope it can mean something to others as well.”
Speaking on her future endeavours in the music industry she says, “I express myself through melody, and I want to make music that resonates with people. “
Much like Juilee, musicians and artists from all over the country want to create change, in their own unique way, with their art. We, at, believe wholeheartedly in their dreams, and encourage many to take a step to achieve them. If you’re an artist and would like us to feature you, hit us up here.
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