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‘Happy’ A Fab Single

Karthik Ram Mamidala, a first-year Electronics and Communication engineering student at NIIT University, studying, has had a long-standing relationship with music. Being president of the western music society in his school (Delhi Public School RK Puram) participating in loads of inter-school competitions and performing on stage became a normal thing for him to do early on. He would look forward to getting up on stage and having fun with his bandmates.

Karthik’s musical journey started individually, where he would work on original compositions. This eventually led to the creation of a band called ArrowBridge, of which he continues to be a part.

Together, ArrowBridge has created singles as well as an album. The single, ‘Happy’ is about a really dark period in the protagonist’s life, which was developed by Karthik a few years ago, and fine-tuned by the band later. The album, titled ‘Sirius’ is about the relationship between a brother and sister. It deals with the emotional turmoil the brother has to experience due to the death of his sister, the various problems he faces and how he attempts to overcome them. They have grown exponentially as a band, even featuring guest musicians such as John Wesley from Porcupine Tree, Dave Young from The Devin Townsend Project and Lucas D’Angello from Betraying the Martyrs play on this album, with Keshav Dhar from Skyharbor produced the entire album.

It’s often said that inspiration can come from anywhere, and Karthik has experienced this several times personally.

You’d be surprised to know what can inspire you and give ideas. I just somehow end up with a melody in my head which could be because of another song that I heard, an anime or a movie I watched or just anything that sounds remotely musical. From there I just run to my guitar, play whatever is the closest to what I had in mind and record it. I’ll give you an example of one of the weirder situations. I was just in my house, working on a track for ArrowBridge while the carpet was being vacuumed. Coincidentally, the vacuum cleaner was actually creating a great harmony with the song I was working on. I quickly recorded the vacuum cleaner (as weird and funny as that sounds) and played all the notes I could make out on my guitar which is now a part of that song on my upcoming album with ArrowBridge.

As of now, the band is focussing on getting their album released. Once it’s out, they’ll be doing shows all around.