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‘Escape Reality’ Through This Khalsa College Student’s First Music Album

Listen to Shivam Lohia’s track from his album ‘Escaping Reality’, and read about what inspired it.

This 3rd Year Economic Honors student at SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi, always believed in the motto “Dream-Believe-Achieve”, and that’s what led to the idea of this project. He wishes to encourage more people to take up music as their career and not give up only because the path to success is difficult.

‘Escaping Reality’ is the dream success story of every artist. The fact that many stories do not make it to the big picture is the disheartening truth. The project includes my most loved techniques and creations combined with a melody that has an underlying meaning in each note. I created an imaginary world through this album where all these things were possible without the chance of a failure. It’s a way to ESCAPE REALITY, live in the moment like there’s no tomorrow to worry about and achieve everything one needs. The first track is an attempt to communicate through music without any words, without any lyrics. I call it “Breakthrough”. Don’t let the fear of failure decide your future. It’s time to “Breakthrough”’, says Shivam.

After taking piano lessons for a while, he picked up the guitar back in 2010. Being a shy child, he would avoid performing on stage but, he overcame his fear and gave his first performance in standard 11. There has been no looking back for him ever since. His percussive technique makes him different from the masses, which in turn boosts his confidence.  

So where does this talented musician draw inspiration from?

John Mayer has always been my idol. He was a big inspiration in times when I felt completely stuck. Besides him, Andy Mckee and Mike Dawes taught me to be different and not follow the crowd. I always try to create good music through my originals and don’t really like to cover songs much.

Even though he hasn’t been performing all that much yet, he wishes to once he finishes college. And we sure are looking forward to it!

You can keep track of his music through his YouTube Channel.

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By the Editorial Team.