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This Architecture Student’s Music Looks As Good As It Sounds

Meet Madhur Batra, a 5th Year Architecture student who gave his adventures a voice. 

Back in 9th grade -2009, Madhur picked up an acoustic guitar, inspired by a couple of classmates who’d jam in class every day. That was it: he grabbed a pen & a paper and got them to teach him the basics. Madhur later went on to learn classical guitar from the Delhi School Of Music, and after receiving positive feedback, took up singing as well.

In 2013, he wrote his first original composition for the V Fest competition. From then on, Madhur met a lot of music producers and got the drive to produce his own music. He downloaded the necessary software on his laptop, and started producing. Since then, there hasn’t been any looking back.

Last year, he landed his first international music gig to Rotterdam, Netherlands, thanks to ‘LT Foods India’.


“After the gig, I travelled to Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Granada then flew to Italy to get lost in the beautiful streets of  Florence, Venice, and finally, Rome. I was surrounded by beauty in every possible dimension – nature, architecture, food, people. Everything collectively channelised me to produce something that justifies the adrenaline rush I had during the course of the trip.

Being an architecture student and a theatre enthusiast as well, I’d been exposed to a lot of film-making exercises and always had a knack for compiling footage. Thankfully I carried my Go Pro Hero 5 teamed with a Nikon D 5200. And when you love music, you start seeing it everywhere, in everything! And that’s when I decided to doodle over the footage to convey the movement in music. It was a lot of fooling around with the footage and having fun with it.”


He is currently learning Hindustani classical vocals, and runs a YouTube Channel and a Facebook page to share his music.

He aspires to be a singer-songwriter, composer / music producer one day, and intends to release his album of original compositions in the next two years.

He will be performing with his theatre group, Theatreworms, at the Theatre Olympics hosted by National School Of Drama on the 27th of February in Kolkata. If you’re in London, catch him live at the upcoming LT Food’s event in March.

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