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Prize-Winning TVC on Women’s Day

Third year students of the Media course at Jai Hind College win first prize for their entry at National College, Mumbai’s Cutting Chai last year.

In 2018, five students of Jai Hind College – Arjun Punjabi, Sufiyan Junaid, Sourab Bhat, Shreyas Sarda, and Satvik Bhatt, participated in the television commercial-making event. “The film talks about the struggles that women face, from perverse stares to the comments passed wherever they go. So we decided to flip the popular quote by Gandhi – An eye for an eye will make the world blind and used that as the solution to these problems. Confrontation and standing against these men and staring them back in the eyes probably can be the most effective solution to stop and make them realise this,” says Arjun, representing his team. He has been featured on the Shortlist for a short film he made on Spiti Valley. Check it out here.

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