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‘Zeher’ An Original Track

Akshat Kushwaha AKA Regal Brown is a journalism graduate at IP University and a passionate musician. Read on to know about his latest single, ‘Zeher’. 

That Delhi-based Akshat began receiving formal training in music at the age of 18 was the least of his concerns – his passion was strong enough to get him by just fine.


Now a classically trained singer-songwriter, Akshat knew what he wanted when he graduated school. He joined IP University to do his Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Media, and eventually joined the Lyric Ensemble of Delhi (LED) in 2015, thus following his childhood dream of pursuing music.


When asked about his stage name, he said:

“I was looking for a stage name and Regal Brown just… materialised. It made sense, sounded good and is relatable, too.”

Regal is largely influenced by artists from across genres, ranging from Aerosmith, to The 1975.

RegalAfter years of performing as a cover artist, Regal Brown decided it was time he composed his own music, and thus, his first single ‘Lunatics‘ was released.

‘Zeher’ is his third original single, (his first single in Hindi) which was released on 7th December. He is really attached to the song, and wished to give the listener a visual experience to go with it. The video is shot on an iPhone, and has received positive responses from all his viewers.

He loves every bit of the process of making music, and his experience while making ‘Zeher’, to him, was extremely comforting.

When asked about his aspirations, here’s what he had to say:

“I aspire to touch as many people through my original music and become a full time singer-songwriter. I also want to inspire other underground artists by setting an example.”

Can’t wait to see what else Regal has in store!

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