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‘Sapne Ratle’

Jai Hind College, Mumbai student Yashraj Mehra recently released his single, ‘Sapne Ratle’. We talk to the multi-talented performer about his music, acting, inspirations, and more.

“It is rightly said that, `Life is a stage, and each must play a part’, and I believe that each part I play is a form of expressing myself,” says Yashraj Mehra, a BMM student from Jai Hind College Mumbai who has spent majority of his school and college life up on stage.

Most recently, the young rapper from Mumbai released his single, ‘Sapne Ratle’—his commentary on the Indian education system and “how dreams are crushed in this monotonous it.” He felt the need to address this issue, because he believes it is constantly shoved under the rug. The hook of the song goes, “Apne Sapne Ratle, saare yaha bharti hai,” which roughly means: start mugging up your dreams, cause in this system , that’s probably the only way you might get close to achieving them.

While the Jai Hind College student is a brilliant rapper (he was one of the 5 winners of our Gully Beat contest, and has performed at Spotlight @ Traphouse Deli at Above the Habitat—an event he considers memorable), Yashraj has far more than just that on his cultural resume. It didn’t matter what the art form was—right from being a lizard in his school plays to writing and performing his own plays, from stand-up comedy and hosting informal events to participating in professional competitions and formal events, from dancing on Bohemia and Honey Singh to writing and creating his own music—any opportunity that guaranteed stage presence, Yashraj was in. “The adrenaline rush I got when I first stepped on stage, knowing that I have the responsibility and ability to entertain people with my art, is the reason why I took up performing.” Unsurprisingly, he considers Donald Glover to be his biggest inspiration.

One of his most significant theatre performances is a play that he co-wrote and acted in, called ‘जनाज़ा’. It is a story of a Muslim boy, Iqbal Ansari, and his journey, reminiscent of a bureaucratic setting, to reach the afterlife. He remembers people tearing up during the show. “Being able to make people feel an emotion is an art in itself.”

While we can’t tell you where you could see him next, there’s something super exciting brewing between ATKT and Yashraj. Until then, subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

By the Editorial Team.