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Everyone wants to be the best, but that’s mainstream. I want to be a music producer with his own distinctive sound. I want to be different,” says Deepak Vasisht aka Dee Coy, a second-year student at the Iaan School of Mass Communication, New Delhi.


Dee Coy, a keen and very talented musician started learning music at My Sound Academy only in 2017 but had developed his interest in the art form when he saw his own music producer make music in a matter of just a few minutes. He has come a long way since his first performance for his eighth grade talent show.

“This video was a gamble to be honest. Putting Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj on Indian music definitely wasn’t an easy task. Either people would have loved it, or not loved at all. This video is also special because it breaks the stereotype Indian music is limited as it is combined with Hip Hop, Rap, and trap,” says Dee Coy about his latest single.

A treat to the eyes- and ears, Dee Coy is a regular performer at Delhi venues. We’ll make sure to keep you updated of his whereabouts. Stay tuned! You can also follow his work here.

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