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Short Film On Cyber Crime

With the consequent shift from film to digital cameras, aspiring filmmakers all over the world have found a convenient medium to bring their creativity to life. But few manage to make the best of this handy tool and create films of quality. Today, we will talk about one such budding filmmaker, Akash Ghosh, who is a third-year student of Electronic and Communications Engineering from J.S.S. Academy of Technical Education, Noida.

Akash’s love for Cinema gradually led him to develop a keen interest in filmmaking, and from there he went from assisting his seniors in College in making short films to ultimately making his own short film ‘Decoded’, which he calls a sci-fi, techno thriller on cryptography.

Upon asking who his biggest inspiration has been, this is what Akash said,

Film Director Christopher Nolan inspires me the most because, not being from any film school, he still manages to be among the best directors in the current generation. Films Like ‘Inception, Interstellar, Memento’ and even his short film ‘Doodlebug’ inspires me to make such films on different topics.

You can check out this brilliantly shot film and see for yourself why this Boombox Talent segment is dedicated to him:

Apart from filmmaking, Akash also considers background scoring as his artform and loves Orchestral Cinematic Composition. He even has his Instrumental covers like that of “Deathnote” Theme, “Interstellar” Theme etc. on his channel.

His journey towards his dreams began when Akash was selected as one of the top 6 finalists for a National level Ad Film based competition by a Delhi Startup called ‘Doctor E Health Services’ for which he was awarded a special certificate of appreciation for his unique filmmaking style. After getting a taste of his first success, Akash went on to work some part time jobs to buy his own DSLR and other audio equipment gear.

But the journey towards his dreams isn’t always easy. Says the young filmmaker,

Being from an Engineering college, we have a huge workload! So, sometimes it gets very difficult to even think about filmmaking. We currently don’t even have any Filmmaking society in our college. The previous one had to shut down. The reason being Filmmaking is a totally different thing from Engineering and nobody wants to take initiative in promoting it.

So what is it that still drives him to pursue his dreams?

My Passion for doing something out of the box and always being involved in some sort of creative process made me a filmmaker. I always want to be a “Trendsetter” and not a “Trend-Follower”.

Akash aspires to one day become a successful filmmaker with his own unique style, bringing stories to life that are never heard before. Akash plans to send his film to various International Film Festivals that are yet to start.


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