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Spiti Valley in 3 Minutes speaks to young filmmaker and Jai Hind student, Arjun Punjabi, who filmed his trip to Spiti Valley.

Even though Arjun Punjabi got his camera after his board exams, he would while hours of his 11th Grade away scouring YouTube tutorials on film-making — especially travel films. While initially, the beauty of the planet enticed him, he later fell in love with the technicality, and the concept of capturing the essence of the places he visited.

So in May 2018, he, along with his friend (and excellent cameraman) Dhruv Behrani, set out to Spiti Valley, a desert mountain valley in the Himalayas, to capture what would later be a film watched over 1200 times on YouTube. “Some people write, some draw, some sing — these are their tools of expression. For me, there’s no bigger level of satisfaction than when my films are loved by my audience,” says the young film-maker, adding, “‘Spiti Valley in 3 Minutes’ in particular means a lot to me because behind the camera, there were millions of anecdotes, from interacting with the people, to really living, breathing in the majestic landscape.”
Last year, Arjun made a film about his trip to Sar Pass. Watch it here:
Currently in his third year in college, Arjun takes up freelance projects to support his dream of making every genre of film he can get his hands on. He, along with his friends,has made films for many college festivals and won many of them.
So, what’s his motto?
“The only key to get better is to keep doing, and that should be the cycle. Grab your camera, go out there, create something. Doesn’t matter if it turns out to be good or bad, learn from it and go out again the next day.”
While Arjun doesn’t have many upcoming projects planned yet, he may be planning a trip this October, and promises another film with it.

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