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“I Started Learning Carnatic Music At The Age Of 3”

Bhargavi Thakur, a second year Economics Honors students at Kirori Mal College, Delhi, wrote and composed ‘Naino Ko Na Tarsao’ back when she was in school. Here, she talks about how her inspiration for the song came from her high school one-sided love, and how she re-composed the song with two of her musician friends last summer.


Bhargavi Thakur started learning Carnatic music when she was just 3 years old, and went on to learn Hindustani music at the age of 6. While she originally wrote and composed ‘Naino Ko Na Tarsao’ when she was in the 9th standard, she re-composed it with Devmitra Thakur from Ramjas College and Aayush Rathi from Kirori Mal, who are both instrumentalists and composers themselves.

My inspiration for the song was based on my high school one-sided love. Though the story and experiences of a high school crush seems funny, it gave me a first-time experience of a writer and composer. And when I met Devmitra and Ayush during college music festivals, we decided to re-work on various parts of the song and add different western and fusion elements to it.

And look how beautifully it turned out!

Even though the three of them haven’t performed on stage together, they have individually participated in various music events in college, and have decided to compose more original music pieces together.

While Aayush wants to become a composer in Hollywood, Devmitra wants to pursue his passion and dream of making music professionally. Apart from playing percussion instruments, Devmitra has been learning the technicalities of editing, arranging, and mastering of songs.

Bhargavi, on the other hand, wants to pursue music as a passion and a source of peace and spirituality.

“My parents and teachers have been a great source of inspiration. Amongst musicians I have always worshiped singers like Pandit Jasraj and Ustad Rashid Khan. Contradictory to my genre, John Mayer and Bob Dylan’s simplicity of music highly inspires me,” she says.

Seeing the immense talent this trio has showcased, we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!


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