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‘Stuck in Love’

A regular open mic-er at our Talent Tents in Mumbai, Vrindam Nagpal recently performed a song he wrote at The Habitat. Talking to Vrindam, a Law student at Maharashtra National Law University in Mumbai, about his musical journey was a long time coming—his new song, ‘Stuck in Love’, just adds to the list of things we want to talk about.

Vrindam started off with playing tabla and drums in school, for his school orchestra and band. The thought of singing, or writing his own music, was something that he never planned to do until he joined college, and picked up the guitar for the first time. “Writing songs happened because even though I have always been an avid listener of music, I never felt fulfilled just covering songs,” he says, recalling that the first song he ever wrote was when he could only play a couple of chords. “I would listen to live performances of my favourite artists for hours, and a part of me would wonder what it feels like to stand on stage and perform music that comes straight from the heart.” He recalls that at his first performance in November last year, at an open mic in Delhi, he couldn’t wait for the thrill of performing his own music for an audience. “It was almost as if I didn’t have a choice at the time, I had to write songs.”

He performed his newest song, ‘Stuck in Love’, at an open mic at The Habitat with his friend Natasha. ‘Stuck in Love’ is the first love song he has ever written. He found it ironic that while he has grown up listening to love songs, he found it particularly tricky to write one. He says, “I think that my inability to write love songs came from the lack of experience. It was only after I found myself feeling strongly for another person to pen down something like this.” While writing this song, he realised that there was no scope of his feelings materialising because of various reasons, and hence the feeling of being ‘stuck’. That would explain why, in the song, while the verse conveys a feeling of longing, the chorus brings out the mental conflict and asks the other person to ‘stay away’.

Vrindam writes music that not only speak about what he is going through, but also things that are going around in his vicinity — socially and politically. To him, inspiration strikes randomly. “A lot of times I am walking on the road and I hum a random melody or scribble a few words on my phone and they actually end up becoming a song I’m performing the next day.” With songs like these, he almost never knows what they’re going be about or how they’re going to sound when he starts working on them. “I’ve still found them to be the most fulfilling.”


A lot of songs happen simply by chance and instinct.


While Vrindam is currently studying to be a lawyer, he also aspires to make it into the industry. He has two years till he graduates law school, and counts his open mics as a litmus test for his career as a musician — whether it will exist at all. He is currently working on releasing new music and hopes to, soon, start performing bigger sets at venues.

On where he will be performing next, he says that he is working on performing at new gigs. To get regular updates and new music, follow his Instagram here. Until then, catch him at the next Talent Tent in Mumbai!

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