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The Splendid Poet from Bangalore

The Airplane Poetry Movement helps discover spoken-word artists across the country, and gives them a platform to showcase their talents. The number of poets who have gained exposure and popularity because of APM are enough to speak for its success. After having our minds blown by the beautiful performances of Kajol and Fathima, we were suggested the name of another poet, Angshuman Sarma. Needless to say, Angshuman too blew us away with his talent.

This is one of his many captivating performances:

Currently in his 2nd year, Angshuman is pursuing BA in Psychology Journalism and Literature at Jain University, Bangalore. He had always been eager to learn poetry, and was catapulted into its magical world after attending the workshops designed by APM. Another thing that led him to Spoken Word Poetry were poets Bharath & Daniel. After watching them perform, Angshuman was completely inspired.

Ever since he performed his first spoken word piece at the National Youth Poetry Slam (NYPS), Angshuman has performed at multiple events and stages including the Bangalore Tea Festival, Write Out Loud at Lahe Lahe, YourQuote Open Mic and The Humming Tree Open Mic.

But Angshuman’s first ever performance was at The Humming Tree, last July.

It was nerve wracking as I was on stage for the first time and I forgot my lines in between. It was embarrassing, and yet I continued and finished the poem, which was more important.

His talent had been a subject of appreciation even before his breakthrough performance at the APM. He participated in a few slams in Kristu Jayanti College, Mount Carmel College, Presidency College, all of which he won! He has also performed as a featured performer in his college fest Kalopsia. Talking about his best performance memories, Angshuman said,

One of the events where I performed, and is extremely close to my heart, is Lit Up by Climber, a literature fest in NIFT, Chennai. I was a speaker there and got a standing ovation after my performance and it was the first time that had ever happened.

According to Angshuman, college fests are a great place to explore new avenues, meet new people, and develop your talent. He only wishes that performance poetry were given as much importance as other forms of performing arts like dancing, singing, and theatre. And the first step in doing this is recognising the potential of this artform.

You see slam poetry can be used so effectively that it can alleviate any issue that has been buried and bring it to the surface. So maybe they should acknowledge that and maybe even use it!

An aspiring entrepreneur who wants to tour the world with his art, Angshuman has definitely made his mark on our hearts. You can catch him performing live at AttaGalatta on 3rd of June!


By the Editorial Team.